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Physical Fitness

The human body, like the motor of a machine, working under similar operational principles. None of them pays concessional without first being subjected to processes that allow adjustments necessary to the conduct of the proposed activities. When we need to use the car, and has been parked for a relatively long period of time, your engine needs to warm and lubricated so you can achieve efficient operation, the human body also requires psychological and physiologically conditioned so that it can adapt as generally smoothly and progressively for subsequent activities. This is one reason why it is convenient to carry out the conditioning neuromuscular treatment.

There are different criteria in the definition of neuromuscular conditioning, however, believe that global warming is:

A series of medium intensity exercise is performed before a workout, a class or competition in order to prepare the body for an activity fully back harder.

Its main objective is to help prevent injury, and prepare the subject of physiologically just as emotionally, for the start of more intense activities.


General Conditioning: This is a conditioning exercises such as are aimed at all parts of the body with equal intensity, in order to prepare the entire body through simple activities, such as: the trot.

Specific Conditioning: Named after the exercises or movements that are directed specifically to systematically different body segments in order to prepare them for further work, eg rotating wrists.

Usual Activities Neuromuscular Conditioning.

It is recommended that the exercises or movements that are performed during conditioning does not require strength or a high level of energy consumption.

The individual should be prepared or packaged primarily in general and this can make it through an easy jog, with a duration of 5-8 minutes. Are subsequently specific conditioning, to execute consistently, ie exercises or movements take a running order, for example: start at the neck, and continue shoulders, arms, trunk, hips, and conclude in the lower extremities; or vice versa. Specific conditioning exercises are divided into four main groups: rotation, rocking, bouncing and flexibility exercises or stretching. These movements can be performed as follows:

- Rotations: neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, wrists.

- Swings: arms, trunk, legs.

- Rebounds: with feet together, unite and separate the legs, hip rotation in one foot.

- Back Exercises: Shoulder to the trunk, Other.

Organic Changes in the Individual and Momentary RESULT OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

The human body to perform any physical activity requires energy potential: To the extent that the activity is increased, the need for energy increases, so that when an individual alters its resting state through physical activity:

- Respiratory Rate Increases

- Increased Heart Rate

- Increased Body Temperature and Sweating.

Respiratory frequency increases because the body needs supplies of oxygen to carry out oxidation muscle level and thus produce motion, further through the expiration must dispose of carbon dioxide (waste product) to be highly injurious .

Heart rate increases because of the bloodstream through the oxygen travels muscles and requiring the extent that the paper is higher circulation is increased.

The Pulse:


As part of the activities of the PE, it is essential that you learn to measure your heart rate or pulse?.

The pulse is the basic element to determine the degree of intensity with which it is making a physical effort. Know that this is invaluable, both to control the strictness of the exercises and set the recovery, and to regulate the intensity you want to workout. From the above it follows that the pulse should be taken before, during and after a training program.


Is the pulse wave that is produced by collision with the blood of Aortic Arch and propagates through the arteries.

Types resistance

In our case study two types of resistance:

. Anaerobic.

. Endurance

Anaerobic is the quality that allows muscular effort as long as possible in anaerobic conditions, these conditions are such that the intensity of effort is so high that it prevents the body absorb air directly from the amount of oxygen needed to make the effort, for example weightlifting.

Endurance is the quality that enables a muscle strain or organic as long as possible at equilibrium between oxygen in the inspired air and oxygen required by the body as a result of physical activity being performed, eg career marathon.


To go back to the past, we must not forget the intimate relationship between religious and recreational activities for men of antiquity.

Many of the activities currently practiced for purely recreational man emerged from the observation of certain aspects of nature (the movement of animals, the noise of the storm, wind speed, etc..), Intending to imitate and and exercise dominion over them.

Other sports are born by kinship, with different actions of primitive man in his rudimentary production process or in their constant struggle for survival, such as the javelin comes from the domain of the spear necessary for the tasks of hunting and war .

The relationship between work and play has always been present in human life, and it has been determined that in all times, the first as a result brought the latter. Thus, the need to dominate the aquatic environment resulted swimming. The mechanisms of communication between the towns and villages brought the relay races. The trades related to treatment of metals originated weightlifting, etc.

We could say that sport is as old as humanity itself, but it took several centuries since man made his appearance on earth, until the sport was considered as such.

More strictly, for sport in principle means fun or exercise usually done outdoors. It is the innate propensity of man to play, eat leftovers and measure their energies with others the extent of their physical. Holds, then an element of distraction and other competition.

This, some primary definition has acquired over the centuries a more specialized sense. The sport has lost the character of spontaneous play and competition has become measuring. Thus in our view define sport as activity or group of activities aimed at achieving a goal (distance, time, more points, etc..). Respecting and abiding by regulations, using techniques specific to each specialty.


Below is a ranking of sports


Individual or teams set

Volleyball gymnastics

Basketball fencing

swimming Baseball

Football Judo

Etc. Etc.


Under the large amount of free time you have available today man, is that it provides recreation as an effective means that will allow you to plan and arrange your time better.

You can easily perceive that youth, in general, have at their disposal a number of hours during the day, at that time rarely or never performed activities that allow them develop physically and intellectually, because his free time spent in any place, without purposes and goals. It is for these reasons and many others that should meet the need and importance of recreation. This strictly speaking is only: The activities of the individual, brindandose opportunities for self-realization in harmony with nature.

As such recreation becomes the option c fit to occupy your free time and warn you against the possibility of misusing your energies and potential benefit in some activities, such as drugs and crime.

Today’s society has a variety of facilities for recreation, among which we could mention: parks, museums, natural areas, etc.., Where they can develop a range of recreational activities that allow you to enrich yourself spiritually and assess the world around you while you will achieve an adequate formation of your personality.

In short the “recreation” should be the alternative that allows you to:

Growing up with a single citizen attitude in harmony with the environment that surrounds you, to achieve the full development of your creative faculties and thus your personality.

In our view this work is of vital importance as it will allow us to obtain information on various topics that might know but not over apply and are vital to our daily lives and that if we follow patterns and give us recommendations as Consequently a healthier lifestyle, more active, more natural and therefore longer and stress, this small but great detail that makes life plaid especially in this city. The application of the knowledge we acquire with the completion of this work will depend on us, but we appreciate your assignment as a professional make us most complete beware know physically and intellectually.


Physical education is really more than what we think, encompasses a lot of things that took as unnecessary but are vital, now know about how to take care of when performing physical activity, how to know if we are performing it properly caring for our bodies and applying different techniques to help us do it correctly and effectively.

On the other hand, is fundamentally important part of recreation, it seems very simple but after studying it we realized it helps a lot in various levels of our learning and care of our bodies as uncomplicated and fun to give us tranquility, while giving us physical and mental strength.