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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Enough Sleep

Some people struggle to have a complete set of hours for sleeping restfully. This might actually happen because of psychological reasons such as depression, overthinking, and stressful situations. However, lack of sleep can result in many serious physical disorders that might need intense and long term treatment. Stress and depression cause adenosine, the sleep stimulator hormone, to be disrupted and therefore result in sleep deprivation.

In fact, there are several reasons why you should have treatment for sleep deprivation and check with a gastroenterologist or neurologist as soon as you start to realize (look theraworx relief) the symptoms of sleep loss, read about http://virtualskystudio.com/theraworx-relief-reviews.html. So, here are the reasons why everyone should get a regular sleep routine at night.

Remarkable weight loss

People who suffer from sleep deprivation tend to lose more weight than usual. That is because total sleep inability stimulates metabolism and cause blood circulatory fluctuation. Also, it leads to appetite loss which consequently results in bad, insufficient nutrition which indeed negatively affect total physical health.

Immune system dysfunction

That could be one of the most serious indirect damage that poor sleep routine may do. It has been scientifically proved that sleep loss have an indirect effect on immunity because our cells and bodies are deprived from the needed nourishment to develop a stronger immune system.

Further psychological issues

It is quite agreed that sleep loss can be one symptom of unstable stressful mood, but it certainly makes things get worse than ever. Sleep deprivation leads to intense depression and unfortunately, in some severe cases of poor sleep, it may cause hallucinations.

Cognitive dysfunction

Having proper and enough sleep help our minds and mental functions to develop. Nevertheless sleep deprivation disrupts our mental intelligence and may cause a temporary short memory loss. In addition, poor sleep can increase the probability of accidents because the brain activity will be quite disabled.


Being deprived from sleep for a more than one day can really turn our mood off. You become completely unable to think or do anything during the day. It may lead you to be angry or impatient while dealing with others.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Enough Sleep2

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